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    Wagon Wheel Title's Fee Calculator has been developed to assist Lenders (with Good Faith Estimates (GFEs)), Realtors, developers, and any other person(s) engaged in a real estate transaction(s) who need fast and accurate fee estimates for closing/settlement fees, including for title insurance, tax stamps, recording fees, tracking and release fees, and closing services/escrow fees.

    Fee Calculator

    Fee Calculator


    *If the property is in Hamilton, Knox, or Shelby County, please call (615) 650-5100 for a quote.

    • "Wagon Wheel Title is the only title company I trust my clients, friends, family and myself to use for title work within my real estate business.  After 12 years in the industry I have seen horrible mistakes made by other title companies that aren't on top of their business professionally and ethically. Wagon Wheel bends over backwards to accommodate their clients’ needs and wants. As one of Nashville's top 5 real estate agents, I can honestly say as long as I'm in real estate I will only use the best, and that's Wagon Wheel!"

      - Ivy Arnold

      Realtor, Parks

    • "With Wagon Wheel Title, buyers, sellers, lenders, and Realtors alike can rest assured that the transaction will close efficiently, with no concerns by any of the parties going forward. While that statement may seem to apply to all title companies and all transactions, believe me, it does not. The closing is, without a doubt, the most important facet of the transaction and unfortunately sometimes considered an afterthought. That is until the cloudy title rears its ugly head months following, or that swimming pool needs to be moved eight inches to the right, all $250,000 of it, or a now deceased heir did not sign the deed. There are more, but with Wagon Wheel Title, no one needs to worry about it for it will be covered. They just keep rolling along doing everything well."

      - Richard Courtney

      Realtor, Christianson, Patterson, Courtney and Assoc.

    • “Working with Wagon Wheel Title has helped me provide a high level of service to my clients throughout the closing process.  Their knowledge and professionalism are second to none, they always close my deals on time, and they provide me and my clients with personalized, friendly service that far exceeds the norm.  Just as importantly, when I’m working with Wagon Wheel Title, I know that I am working with people of integrity who are looking after everyone’s best interests throughout the process.”

      - Jason N. Moss

      Assistant Vice President/Mortgage Originator, SunTrust Mortgage

    • “Consumers have many choices for closing attorneys, but Wagon Wheel Title stands out for its unique combination of expertise with all types of real property transactions, leadership in industry best practices and atmosphere that is friendly and welcoming.  Wagon Wheel provides a level of transparency in its operations that assures that my clients are well cared for and that their assets are highly safe-guarded.  Perhaps most importantly though, Wagon Wheel helps inject a sense of fun and enjoyment into what can sometimes be a stressful process.”

      - Jake Stribling

      Vice President, Renasant Bank

    • “Wagon Wheel Title has consistently exceeded my expectations in closing home loans quickly, efficiently and economically.  I highly recommend their expert staff for any real estate service needs.  Their level of professionalism is unmatched in Middle Tennessee.  I look forward to many more transactions in the future.”

      - Cory P. Owen

      Vice President/Mortgage Loan Originator, Regions Mortgage